How To Use A Trackball Mouse More Efficiently

A striking innovation in the world of gaming mice– know how to make a trackball mouse move creatively! 

A newbie in the family of stationary mice, the trackball mice are something that every gamer out there is dreaming to own. If you are into PC accessories, I bet you already have made up your mind to purchase one for your mouse collection, haven’t you? 

As we all know, a trackball mouse depends on your hand for movement rather than a physical push on the surface. You would feel a noticeable difference in precision when you shift from a traditional mouse to a trackball mouse. Trackball mice have proven to be more reliable than conventional mice in innumerable ways. People are still learning about these mice, so they hesitate to buy one. Although, users who are using these for a while now have piled us up with reviews that favour trackball mice to a great extent. 

It’s easier to trust traditional mice, for obvious reasons. But, if you want to try a new thing, and want to know the best way to use a trackball mouse, here’s how you can do that! 

Desk Placement 

You always need to find the perfect space. You are not going to move the trackball mouse as much. So, you need to make sure that you place the mouse at a perfect distance from your PC, on a clean and dry surface. Apart from that, you would also have to clean beneath the mouse every once in a while. Trackball mice are intuitive once you know how to work with them. 

Tilt Angle 

If you have bought a trackball mouse that has a tilt adjustment system, you would have to set it to a comfortable and convenient angle. You can either place your palm on the trackball straightaway, or bring it from the finger placement angle. The trackball can be moved counterclockwise. 

If palm grip is not convenient, you can always go for a relaxed claw or fingertip grip. 

Trackball Settings 

The trackball can be connected once you find a comfortable grip and hand placement. The next thing to do is to customise the mouse settings. Some trackball mice are comfortable in their own way, while others need software installation for smooth functioning. If that’s the case, the trackball mouse you purchase would arrive with software provided by the manufacturer. The driver would also be available for installation. 

Trackball Speed 

Trackball mice come  with different speeds. You can not particularly set a mouse to a certain speed adjusting the mouse itself. But, you can certainly adjust the DPI settings of your mouse from your PC when you find your trackball mouse getting sluggish. Setting the trackball speed to a comfortable level can make your working or gaming experience even better. 

Mouse Acceleration 

Always make sure that the acceleration in your trackball mouse software is turned on. If you don’t have any such feature, at least turn it on from your Operating System. Acceleration is not very much favoured in traditional mice, but it’s a real thing for a trackball mouse. Turning acceleration on makes accuracy, preciseness and attention to detail easier for the mouse to catch. 

Layout Customization 

Trackballs come in different shapes, sizes and layouts that determine which finger to use and how to use it for scrolling and clicking. The side-mount trackballs feature a traditional button-like structure. It’s not the same with the top-mounts and other trackballs with various buttons. They have to be adjusted a bit with creativity for drawing out the best performance from them. 

Show Time

Now that you have set everything according to your wish, you can now put your trackball mouse into action. But wait, you must note down a few points beforehand. 

  1. Lift it off : Always make sure that you lift your finger off the trackball before clicking. If you do that as a continuous movement, the action would give a drag output and not a click. It would take some time for you to unlearn the traditional mouse techniques. But, like us, you will also find your way. 
  2. Play Mouse Click Speed Testing Games: To make your clicks accurate, play the clicks test game and polish your clicking speed. Try different kinds of clicks. Try every action that you would have done with a traditional mouse. Eventually, you will catch up to the tempo of pro users. 

Okay, now you are all set. We hope we could answer your queries about the best way to use a trackball mouse. Do let us know if you have something to add to it. If you own a trackball mouse, try playing one of the clicker games out there. Also, if you want to try the mouse click speed testing game, just click on the logo at the top left. 


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