Cookie Clicker

Here’s a yum idle game for you, freshly from the oven! 

When it comes to clicker games, there are a few names that no one would forget to mention. Cookie clicker is one of them. If you wish to estimate the popularity, let’s  say, ‘Cookie Clicker game’ and ‘Cookie Clicker download’ have about 2 million searches each. Isn’t that amazing? So this simple incremental game has been around for a while now, and never has its popularity dipped for a single day. Cookie Clicker is a game that has no age-group criteria attached to it. It is loved by everyone, irrespective of age and gender. 

Idle, clicker, and incremental games are simple games with basic functions. You click, and half the development in the game happens on its own. You don’t have to wear your eyes and brain out in scoring on these games. While we are on it, check out some other idle and clicker games here which are equally popular and fun. 

In Cookie Clicker, you have to click on the huge cookie that pops up on your screen as you open it. You have to keep clicking and you will earn a cookie for each click. You can then purchase resources using those cookies like ‘cursors’. Cursors help multi-production of cookies that increase your score in the game. 

There are several upgrades that can improve your clicking speed and help you earn more cookies. Cookie Clicker is a never-ending game. You can keep clicking, earning cookies, accomplishing more goals and winning. 

Where To Play Cookie Clicker? 

Android users can play it on their phones as the Cookie Clicker app is available for download in the Play Store. Now, even the App Store has the Cookie Clicker game app. So, you can play it on your iOS device as well. Cookie Clicker is also available on various websites. If you don’t want to fill your mobile memory with the app, you can search for it directly on Google. 

Cookie Clicker is a simple game and doesn’t require a manual to understand. That is the beauty of clicker games. But, there is no harm in trying several times casually before expecting very high scores in it. A planned approach can lead to your milestones fast and easy. Once you begin, you will know what it is all about. 

Purchase Grandmas! 

Grandmas in Cookie Clicker are like Grannies, they multiply your cookies. If you can bake enough cookies in the beginning stage of the game, you can purchase an ample amount of grandmas. Grandmas keep getting updated. So, these are like good investments; they keep growing. 

Don’t Purchase Farms 

Buying a Cookie Farm might look like a great deal in the beginning, but they are of no use. They bring absolutely no profit to you in the game. You might think of them as a one time deal, but they are hollow promises. 

Earn More Shipments 

To get a significant lift in the initial stage of Cookie Clicker, you must consider Cookie Shipments. Fast and rapid shipments can fetch vast scores for you. 

Make buying cursor your goal

You would have to purchase a lot of cursors in the later stage of the game. You would need about 200 cursors to complete your first prestige. They would become very valuable later in the game. They keep getting updates that enhance their usefulness towards the end of the game. 

Stay Updated 

Keep purchasing updates whenever they are available. They might not seem positively useful in the beginning but they would help you pass the first level of rising.

Why Play Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker has many windfalls. First, it’s fun. Secondly, it improves your clicking speed, which helps you gain a victory in bigger action and adventure games in the future. If you are a pro gamer you already know what we are talking about. Having a good clicking speed doesn’t come in handy. So, it’s better to grab any opportunity that comes your way to practice clicking.


cookie clicker is one of the best incremental games available. The obsession for incremental and idle click and games it’s never going to end. And perhaps, the love for cookie clicker it’s not coming to an end any time soon. So, it’s better that you keep paced up with the trend. Let us know if you have anything else to add. 


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