Click Per Second

 Of all the games available out there, it’s the clicks per second test that has everyone interested.

It’s a cool way to find out how many times you can click in a single second since people spend most of their time online. Plus, on this website, it’s more of a game where users can compete for the world record or against their friends. 

You can share the results on social media, track your progress, and improve the CPS score to get better at online gaming. So, keep on reading to learn more about this simple yet fun activity. 




No one had any idea that clicking could be so competitive. In fact, there is now a world record in clicking, based on the duration of the click test. 

Since it’s a game of seconds it might interest you that the world record for most clicks in a single second is 16. Pretty amazing!  


To take the CPS test, you need to choose a time duration. The shortest version of the game is one second long, while the longest duration is 100 seconds. 

In the former mode, our algorithm measures how many times you can click the mouse in one second. Now, some people may feel that this is too short, as there’s not enough time to get the fingers working. 

But that’s the beauty of it because all you have is a second to prove your worth.

Improving The CPS Score 

The clicks per second game teaches you the value of every second as there’s no time to lose. That said, it does take patience to reach the upper echelons of fast-clicking. 

It would help if you kept things simple and didn’t overcomplicate clicking. If you think too much, you won’t be able to focus on getting more clicks. 

Now, the average person scores 8-10 clicks per second, so to double that score, practice is essential. You can go up to 15 clicks with regular effort and engage in different techniques like butterfly clicking, jitter clicking, and Kohi click test


Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to know about clicking in one second. Who knows, maybe the future world record holder in clicking is reading this guide right now!