Click per 60 seconds

The Click Speed Test is a fun new game to spend your time with!

This test is designed to test your ability by judging how many clicks you can do in a 60-second time frame. So, gather your friends and see who can make the most clicks in 60 seconds.



Did You Know?

The world record for maximum clicks per minute is 9.2 cps. If you think you can beat that, give this click test a try. Your mouse is ready for this journey!

Click Speed Test – What Is it?

CPS stands for clicks per second and is the unit of measurement.

A clicks-per-second test basically calculates the click speed in 60 seconds. Once the timer starts, it becomes a “fastest finger first” type competition.

All you need to do is click the mouse as many times as you can.

Note: Usually, 8-10 clicks per second are considered good.

Based on your clicking speed, the system will average out the number of clicks in 60 seconds. While it does say 60 seconds, the score will be based on clicks per minute. Remember, higher clicks per minute mean higher cps.

How Exactly Is Clicks Per Second Calculated?

The formula to calculate the (cps) clicks per second is quite easy. You just need to divide the number of clicks per minute by the number of seconds.

That’s all!

How To Play Per Minute Test?

As you would have noticed, this is a per-minute test.

The final number you score is the number of times you click the mouse in 1 minute. It is quite a fun game to play alone or challenge friends with.

While this game is not complicated to understand at all, keep reading to learn how this cps test works. The timer starts as soon as you make the first click. The final score of the game is based on clicks per minute.

Is 60 Seconds Test Important?

Yes! Any avid gamer will find a clicks-per-minute quite beneficial. Some games rely on the ability to click fast like Minecraft.

A high click score is needed for fighting, riding, etc. If you are looking to improve the cps click score, there are multiple ways to go about it.

The best way would be to keep practicing. It is not possible to nail it immediately. Also, you can try different techniques and cps tests.