Click Per 30 Seconds

The engineers might have labeled it as a test, but in reality, CPS is a fun game.

On this website, you have the chance to play against millions around the world and challenge friends to see who gets the highest score. There’s no need for high-tech gadgets or premium-quality software; a mouse being enough.

Moreover, playing this simple game allows you to react fast in the world of Fortnite and Minecraft. So, it’s much more than clicking the mouse many times in 30 seconds.

For all the information about click speed, just keep on reading.



Click Speed Test – Clicks Per Second (CPS)

Our website determines the CPS rate of users, displaying accurate results for their benefit. The average individual can click the mouse button 8-10 times per second, so you can take the click speed test to find out how you fare.

A higher CPS score means you have more chances of beating your friends in numerous online games.

Click Test- Clicks In 30 Seconds

You’ll find a box and a start button to take the click speed test.

The timer starts running as soon as you make the first click, going on for 30 seconds. Try clicking as many times in 30 seconds as you possibly can within this stipulated time, and don’t stop until the timer runs out.

You also have the option of sharing the click speed results on social media, allowing you to challenge others to play the click per seconds game.

There’s A World Record!

Believe it or not, individuals with the highest CPS score in 30 seconds have a world record to their name. But even better is that anyone around the world can play to beat that score.

So, put on your game face, click the start button and try to better the number of clicks per second. Other than that, you can simply play for fun, while improving your CPS rate.

Practice Every Day

To get better in the “click per 30 seconds” game, it’s essential to practice every day. It’s not possible to become fast overnight, but the more you click, the more you improve.

Start with the 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or 30 seconds click test and track your progress with our accurate algorithm. It will tell you how many times you’re clicking per second and the total number of clicks.

As you improve on the number of clicks per second, you can increase the duration of the game up to a minute or even more. You can even choose your favored click test from the menu, with the shortest duration being one second and the maximum being 100 seconds.

Get Ready To Start Clicking

That’s all there is to know about the 30 seconds click test.

So go ahead and keep clicking t0 improve your CPS score daily. Also, using the restart button, feel free to play as long as you want.

Click away and have fun!