Click Per 10 Seconds

The beauty of the click speed test lies in its simplicity!

But that’s not to say that people have moved on from Call of Duty. The test helps improve your clicking speed or CPS rate, allowing you to click faster in online games.

Naturally, this clicking game has grabbed everyone’s attention. Anyone can play it; all you need to do is click really fast, making the seconds count.

You can also challenge yourself, trying to beat the world record for the most clicks in ten seconds. To know more about CPS and the nitty-gritty of the 10 seconds click test, just try it out now.


Click Speed Test

The click speed test is a competitive and fun way to measure your clicks per second or CPS rate. Imagine this – you’ve been playing CoD for several hours when your fingers start paining. You’re fatigued, but your teammates are struggling on the battlefield.

With the CPS test, you can click more, shooting down bad guys while others are busy taking aim. Our click speed test also helps you track your progress, ultimately leading to faster mouse clicks per second.

Clicks Per 10 Seconds

Take the “clicks in 10 seconds” test now to get started. On average, a person can click 8-10 times in a second, so you can try to do better.

You’ll find a box with a timer, activated by the first click, where you need to score as many clicks in 10 seconds as possible. And after 10 seconds, the algorithm shows your CPS score.

Beat The World Record

You’ll find that our designers have highlighted the world record for the most clicks in 10 seconds on our website. This is to challenge users playing the game and see whether they can score more than 14.2 CPS in a 10-second burst.

If you’ve dreamed of competing against millions, this is your chance to be the best. All you need is a mouse or your mobile phone to take the 10 second click test.

Duration Of CPS Test

The default click test limit is 5 seconds, while the maximum duration is 100 seconds.

Here you can take the click test of your choice and practice every day to increase the CPS rate. Also, you can share the CPS score on social media, challenging your friends to this 10 seconds test.

Wrapping It Up

Our 10 seconds click speed game is a fun activity that doesn’t require high-tech software.

Get started now to make the most clicks per second, improving your CPS rate. Then challenge your friends to the 10-second click test and show off your skills to the world.