Best Mouse For CS: GO Ultimate Guide 2021

You can choose the best mouse for CS: GO. The mouse is an important piece of equipment for CS: GO players. You are free to follow our list of the best mouse for CS:GO (ultimate guide 2021) use the given data. The best professional CS: GO gamers in the world utilize these. The following is a list of some of them, based on research and personality tests. 

  • BenQ Zowie Ergonomic Gaming mouse

For professional gamers, this is a solid option. BenQ Zowie Ergonomic Gaming Mouse beats our own list of the best mouse for CS: GO 2020 to get its place in 2021. The design was created after extensive study and discussion with well-known esports players.

The feature was chosen to improve comfort and dependability in order to achieve exceptional competitive performance. It’s designed to be adjusted by hand. You may choose between the two sizes provided to ensure a perfect fit. It doesn’t matter how big or little your hand is. The cable of ECI features flexible rubber, and the design is based on the competition. This is to shield the inner wire from damage caused by competition. 

The EC-B series is the most recent version of the Zowie masterpiece, and it replaces the much-loved EC-A. The improved sensor is the most significant difference. The tracking capability of the 3360 is double that of the 3310.

The 3360 features a quicker spinning motion. The scroll wheel’s LED light has gone out, and the side buttons are now clicky. On both sides, the bottom has four tiny feet instead of the former bigger ones. The BenQ Zowie is available in two sizes. In comparison to EC2-B, EC1-B is larger. It’s also a lot heavier.

  • Logitech G PRO Wireless

Logitech G pro wireless sits perfectly in our list of the best mouse for CG: GO in 2021. The Logitech G Pro Wireless is a standard-quality RGB gaming mouse. It includes a backlight with 16.8 million colours, customizable buttons, and inbuilt memory. The Prodigy from Logitech is eight times quicker than normal mice, allowing for immediate screen response, which is ideal for a wireless mouse. Some functions, but not all, require Logitech software.

Apart from lag-free wifi features, the Prodigy has two unique customizable lightings, comfort, and accuracy. However, some reviewers have complained that the mouse’s scrolling capability isn’t up to par. In a scenario like this, the firmware does not fix the problem as it usually does.

  • Steel series Rival 3 Optical

The model has settings, and its software allows you to load a custom settings table with your username.

The evaluations reflect the fact that this is the best budget mouse for CS: GO. Users have been less than enthusiastic, but you get what you pay for.

This mouse has the same sophisticated optical sensor as its branded competitors and a similar number of RGB settings, however, those with small hands should be cautious. The Rival has customizable buttons and a reaction time of 1 ms at the very least. Because the model features an optical sensor, it’s ideal for FPS games like CS: GO. 

  • Razer Death Adder

The razer death adder chroma is one of the best gaming mice on the market and has become a household name in the gaming industry. You can’t go wrong with any Razer gaming mouse because they’re all rated top-notch regardless of the model you choose. The Death Adder Chroma is in a class of its own, as its elegant name suggests. Many of Razer’s goods are showy, but they aren’t always well-built. When it comes to DeathAdder Chroma, consumer feedback says otherwise. The grip and feel are excellent, and the mouse is light in weight and easy to maneuver. If fast clicking is your forte, this might be what you need. 

  • Benq ZOWIE EC2A

The BenQ ZOWIE EC2A E-Sports Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse is one of the best gaming mice in 20221 and a great mouse for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it’s one of the best. It includes the much-desired Avago 3310 sensor in a well-designed mouse, which means precision and comfort go hand in hand.

It’s a plug-and-play mouse, which eliminates the need for drivers and allows you to play more quickly. The EC2-A is notable for having a short lift-off distance, which is a unique attribute of all ZOWIE mice. This is the distance between the mouse’s bottom and the bottom surface.

In gaming, lower is preferable due to accuracy, and ZOWIE mice are excellent in this regard.

  • FK1/FK2

The Zowie FKI and FK2 Gear Gaming Mouse models are ideal for playing CS: GO. You may choose between 400/800 / 1600/3200 DPI for a gaming mouse of this type. When playing CS: GO, the Avago 3310 optical sensor allows the user to aim with pinpoint accuracy. These versions are made to be used by both hands.

Even if you have large palms and lengthy fingers, you can use the Zowie Gear FK1-FK2 with ease. To summarise, these two models are ideal for CS:GO, DOTA 2, WoW, LoL and SC2 games.

  • Finalmouse 2021 – Classic Ergo

Finalmouse is a relatively new brand that has gained popularity since 2015. Several professional gamers tried the mouse as part of the “Finalmouse 2015 Tournament Edition” and raved about it. This became the reason for the mouse’s ever-increasing popularity, and the 2021 version also came into existence.

The FinalMouse 2021 features a high-quality sensor that allows DPIs ranging from 400 to 3200, and, like the DeathAdder Chroma and others, it has lights on the mouse wheel for a subtle night effect.

Final Words

Always make sure that you purchase a gaming mouse only after complete analysis. The above-mentioned ones could be great options. Meanwhile, also check out our Aim Trainer and the Click Speed of your existence mouse.

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