Not every gamer is an adventure lover. Some are in a serious relationship with idle and clicker games as well. 

Idle games? Wait, what? Aren’t games supposed to be ‘not idle’? Yes, you are right. Games are not idle, neither are the ones we are going to tell you about in this article. Before we begin, let me clarify, idle games aren’t inactive and lazy, these games are named so because often they don’t require your constant introspection or too much of your efforts to develop. 

These idle games and clicker games are simple. You get rewarded for simple clicks. These rewards are not very huge. But they help you step up the levels with constant progress. Once you get a hold of it, these games get simpler and jollier. Just for the record, these clicker and idle games also help you practice aiming. This might help you conquer bigger battles in more complicated and high-end games. 

So, if you are waiting for a bus, or getting drowsy in a meeting, you can always look up the best idle games for PR, or the best clicker games for PC and that would be it. Wait, you don’t even have to do that. We have it for you right here. 

Here’s the list of the best idle and clicker games for PC for you to play and enjoy. These are among the best incremental games that you can find for free to play on PC. 

  • Adventure Capitalist 

If you dream about becoming a big businessman someday, well we cannot help you with that. But, we can surely bring a game for you that quenches this business thirst of yours. Adventure Capitalists may begin by making you a lemonade vendor. But as you proceed in this clicker game, you can expand and grow to become a multi-billionaire as well. Each business that you invest in gives high returns and then you can expand your current business and open new ones as time proceeds. The best part is, you are not even going to get burdened because of owning multiple businesses. You can hire people to do that for you. Adventure Capitalist comes under the canopy of idle games because you would be making a profit in the game even when you aren’t playing. 

  • Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder comes second in our list of best idle games. It provides you with the opportunity to play the king of a kingdom. Earning coins is really easy. You simply have to keep clicking. No wonder Realm Grinder is one of the best clicker games available for PC. And the best part, you would earn even when you are sleeping. Choose your spirit, good or evil and enjoy the game set in the fantasy world in Realm Grinder. 

  • Cookie Clicker 

It’s a game that requires no introduction. Cookie Clicker is among the most popular clicker games for PC. Be careful, or you could end up playing this game for hours. I sat down to research and ended up clicking cookies for more than a couple of hours. So, it’s a very simple game. You click on a cookie, earn points, buy things and the process continues. When you increase your baking rate, you can also win cursors to click for you. You also get to apply upgrades, but that’s another story. To begin with, you can play a simple game and see how far you can reach. 

  • Doge Miner 

Yay, our favourite Shiba Dog is here with a clicker game. Doge Miner is a free idle clicker game that you play on PC, mobile or tablet. The first edition got so popular in its initial days that the developers decided to come up with a sequel – Doge Miner 2. The deal is simple. You click, mine, earn points and proceed in levels using coins. Apart from mining yourself, you can also hire a kitten army to earn coins for you in Doge Miner. 

  • Grow Defense 

Grow Defense is an idle clicker game that you all must have come across while surfing the Internet. It is an exclusive tower defense incremental game that’s popular among kids and adults alike. You get to experience super stylish 3D graphics that take the level of this game to the seventh sky. The only rule is to defend the castle at any cost. Fighting against the invaders with clicks, you get to rekindle your childhood with cartoonish images all around. It is a real-time game with no additional progress while being offline. Grow Defense works on multiple levels. So, it’s tough for anyone to get bored of this clicker game. 

  • Darts Idle 

Darts Idle is as simple a game as you can imagine, considering the name. It’s a primary dart-throwing game, only this time it’s on your PC. There are a few customizations that you can make on it. Like, you can change and alter the colour of your dart and the names of you and your opponent. Once you start up, all you are expected to do is manage your stamina and nervousness meter.  With that, you have to make your best throw to defeat your opponent. 

Final Words

The list of free idle clicker games is never going to end. These games are easy to develop and play. Hence, the Internet is filled with such games. There are innumerable clicker, incremental and idle games segregated by styles, stories, and themes. But the soul action remains the same- clicking. Talking of clicking, have you checked your CPS yet? Haven’t heard of it? You’ve got to know this if you are a gamer. Click on the logo at the top left and try the Clicks Test game. You would get to know your clicks-per-second speed, and also, it would give good practice to your fingers for more ferocious gaming tournaments.

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